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In some cases, a complete overhaul of IT assets is not required, and in such cases,  we can provide a revamp of your current IT infrastructure. In many cases clients have seen performance improvements that exceed new equipment. We can refurbish and redeploy within your business, re-market externally, recover parts and components or refurbish for donation.

Depending on the condition of certain items we can also repair and upgrade equipment that may seem beyond its usable life. Get in touch with us to discuss your current requirements, you will be surprised with the performance we are able to draw from your current machines.




This is our last preferred option for an IT asset but if an item becomes beyond economical repair or cannot be reused it is responsibly disposed of ensuring absolute minimal impact to the environment.


FREE IT disposal collections

We understand that redundant IT equipment needs to be gone as soon as possible, the new computers have arrived and now you have an unpleasant eyesore taking up valuable space. This is an issue for all types of business and with the rapid rate of change with technology, an unavoidable one.

Ten Computers will collect, sort & report on all manners of electrical equipment completely free of charge, give us a call today to book your free collection.


0 landfill policy

The very core of our business is reuse, not recycle, as recycling is often more energy intensive than manufacturing new. We urge any person or organisation to reduce their carbon footprint in whatever way they can and Ten Computers can assist with the IT side of things.

Electronics contain hazardous materials that need to be disposed of properly or companies can face lofty fines if assets turn up in a unregulated landfill. Ten Computers have a 0 landfill policy and have outlets for every sort of electronic device, including non functioning units for metal and plastic recovery, so you can rest assured your end of life equipment is handled in the most compliant and environmentally conscious manner.


Secure Data Destruction

Security, privacy & legislative compliance are what’s needed to carry out effective IT disposal that gives you peace of mind. Please see our data erasure section for full details on how your data & privacy are handled as part of the IT asset disposal service from Ten Computers.

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