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Data Erasure


Data remains one of the key assets of any business and as we see an increasingly all-digital landscape emerge privacy has become one of the greatest challenges in all industries. We treat the privacy of your data as if it were our own and protect it as such. No business wants to face a breach of security, let alone leave themselves open to prosecution under the 1998 Data Protection Act for failing to destroy data properly.

Working with Aiken, we offer data destruction to military standards. Data bearing assets can either be completely destroyed physically or erased with the original media preserved. Both means of data erasure guarantee data security for your organisation and we can adjust provisions accordingly, from secure collection of data bearing assets to quarantine facilities. Aiken data erasure is ADISA certified after passing Cyber Defence Centre test at UoSW.

All data erasure is undertaken with full audit trails so that every data bearing asset can be fully tracked until the point of destruction. Reports of each item and its journey are fed back to clients alongside certification of electronic or physical data destruction to demonstrate compliance with current environmental regulations.

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