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Asset Management


Effective IT Asset Management requires complete service of the entire life cycle of an IT asset; requisition, procurement, deployment, maintenance & retirement. Management of these lifecycle stages are essential to ensure returns on IT investments, avoid internal and external audit consequences and to adopt future technology.

Nearly every business in the world today relies on IT to function and this comes with significant challenges. Infrastructure can often be expensive to acquire, configure and maintain; combine this with rapid depreciation and frequent updates and the challenge becomes greater. It’s crucial to effectively manage an IT assets lifecycle from beginning to end to ensure the highest returns on investments and minimising risk. Over the average 5-year span of an IT assets life, businesses can save up to 55% in costs managing all their IT needs under one roof.

The benefits of partnering with an IT Asset Management (ITAM) firm include increased data security and compliance with current data legislations. With a focus on financial return, through our process framework we can deliver a cost-effective solution to a business’ needs in timely manner, causing minimal disruption to normal business operations.


IT Services

Having undertaken a range of IT infrastructure projects in the past we are confident at scale.

Our range of services includes network & server setup, cloud-based solutions for data storage, on-site repairs of all types of electronic hardware as well as off-site repairs undertaken at our in-house facilities. Our repair service is available to our enterprise clients & end users.

First thing’s first – data. The rules surrounding data protection are becoming ever more stringent which ensures a safe environment for us all. Through a combination of in-house facilities and a network of fully licensed ITAD partners we offer tailored data erasure solutions to state-of-the-art military standards.

Our approach to asset management provides an easy way to release value tied up in redundant IT equipment and increase returns on initial IT investments. Our range of services includes a profit share arrangement for IT hardware sold into market and a redeployment system whereby current IT assets are refreshed to ‘as new’ functionality and standards without the outlay of infrastructure or hardware renewal.

All IT hardware is considered for management and our team of dedicated account managers can tailor a bespoke solution for your business.



IT assets are like any other asset to a business requiring considerable outlay when new, depreciate and eventually need replacing.

Globally, e-waste accounts for £50 billion in lost revenue and is having seriously damaging effects on the climate and health around the globe.

Our long-term goals are to see this figure dramatically reduced and so Ten Computers can help your organisation release residual value tied up in your no longer needed IT equipment. Depending on your requirements and the nature of the assets, we can offer rebates and trade in credit against new equipment.



In some cases, a complete overhaul of IT assets is not required, and in such cases,  we can provide a revamp of your current IT infrastructure. In many cases clients have seen performance improvements that exceed new equipment. We can refurbish and redeploy within your business, re-market externally, recover parts and components or refurbish for donation.



Many organisations nowadays have ever changing needs that need to be addressed quickly. Whether that be a conference that needs kitting out by next week or a quick turnaround for when things go wrong; we offer solutions for all requirements including storage, inventory, transportation, data sanitisation, software installs and set up. Since all needs are specific to the client please get in touch and speak to a member of our asset management team to discuss your requirements.

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