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We provide new and refurbished IT products to organisations worldwide.

IT Asset Management

Securely and efficiently managing your IT equipment throughout it’s lifecycle.

Data Erasure

We can ensure that sensitive data is gone forever using military grade techniques.

Refurbishing & Recycling

We use various techniques to ensure we have limited impact on the environment

How we work

Ten Computers prides itself on mutually beneficial arrangements. Not only do we take the time to understand our clients’ aims but we actively re-align our own objectives with those of our partners. This ensures that genuine and creatively driven proposals are actioned with collective interest at the core of every function.


First, and most importantly, we listen. It’s important to us that we understand your goals so we’re able to provide the service that best suits you.


Once we understand your goals we then start planning what we need do to reach them. Our iterative approach means we can adapt quickly to changes in things such as budget or schedule.


It’s go time! This is the stage where you can take it easy whilst all our cogs are turning to deliver on our promises. We provide frequent and detailed updates and reports for all our services so you’re never left in the dark.

Quality assurance

Our QA and management team review every job to ensure our standards remain high. We also give you 14 days to conduct your own quality checks and report any issues once a job as been completed.


Our team of experts will still be here for you after the job is complete.


Our Re: TEN programme was set up to ensure that recycling is our last resort. As manufacturers turn to alloys and mixed materials it has become increasingly difficult to efficiently and successfully recycle electronic devices.

As a result we have pledged to use more sustainable solutions such as refurbishing and remarketing where possible, as well as campaigning for the right to repair, making it easier for both consumers and organisations to prolong the lifespan of their assets.


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